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Rigid frame, cleaning solution for preserving old 3.5" & 5.25" disks that are mouldy or dirty.     Best viewed in Chrome, Edge or Firefox
disk read errors "could" only be dirty disks rather than bad sectors or tracks and surely worth a clean before throwing them out.
3.5" disk cleaning kit above with Free micro fibre 30x40cm cloth
cleaning tutorial by original author of the kit - see also about page
3.5" disk shown inside the cleaning frame.
catch retains shutter in open position to allow cleaning both sides simultaneously.
rotating the dial rotates the disk surface for cleaning with the cloth provided.
See about page for cleaning fluids
Other useful techniques to identify which sides are dirty
Amiga X-Copy "disk check" feature shows whether problem is on :
either upper or lower surface of disk, track zero is on outer edge, 79 is on inner circle nearest the rotator hub
rescued disks after cleaning
 only around 400 to go !

5.25" version below:

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